Drew - 22 - Arizona.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."


I’m just so emotionally attached to a lot of the people I follow. Like, I might not even talk to you, but I’ll see your little icon and url pop up on my dash and I’ll just stare at it and smile and be like: friend.

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Name: Bethany.
Nickname(s): Drew/Drew Tuesday, Bebe, B, Babygirl, Beanie, Moose.
Birthday: March 28th.
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Eh.
Height: 5’5-5’6.
Time Zone: Mountain Standard.
What time and date is it there: 8/28, 2:09 PM.
Average hours of sleep I get each night: HA.
The last thing I googled was: Song lyrics, probably. Oh, yeah. Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.
My most used phrase(s): I don’t really know. Ask Adrian.
First word that comes to mind: No.
What I last said to a family member? Well, I consider Adrian and his mom my family. So, uh, Adrian and I were talking about dinner stuff. If that counts?
One place that makes me happy and why?: Galveston/the ocean. Not really that glamorous, yeah. But my first time going to Galveston was also the first time I saw, swam in, watched, EXPERIENCED the waves crashing. I wasn’t worried about anything when I sat by the water.
How many blankets I sleep under: One. Mostly.
Favorite beverage(s): Sweet tea/Big Red/DP.
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy.
Three things I can’t live without: Air, water, food? Okay, seriously, I can live without most things. It WOULD suck, though, if I didn’t have books, caffeine & the interwebz.
Something I plan on learning: The harmonica. One day.
A piece of advice for all my followers: “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.”
You all have to listen to this song: In For The Kill - Billie Marten.
My blog(s): birthdaywhiskey …

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